SpectraCloud: Catapulting Businesses into a Seamless Online Presence

Harbir Ghai, Director
With the surrounding IT world becoming more and more demanding, businesses are bound to get distracted with their technological requisites. However, businesses for one need to maintain focus on business, not technology. SpectraCloud is a provider of web presence solutions to enterprises, small businesses, professionals and individuals. SpectraCloud’s clients are facilitated with a complete suite of products that help them establish and grow their online presence. SpectraCloud’s product portfolio includes domain registration, business class email services(including antispam & antivirus features), web hosting services, e-commerce solutions, enterprise hosting, dedicated & virtual servers and digital certificates. The product platform alone represents 10+ years of investment in technology R&D and is catering to lots of Enterprises & SME's.

SpectraCloud is a subsidiary of Spectra Technologies India Private Limited. Spectra is a technology company that helps power small, medium sized & enterprise businesses online. Since 2004, Spectra Technologies India Private Limited has been an active independent manufacturer and integrator of specialized thin client and desktop computing solutions, offering the widest range of Virtual Desktop in the industry, thereby enabling clients to benefit from low cost of ownership. Spectra has been working specific solutions for the healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, education and financial sectors. Spectra App Anywhere, an effective alternative to Citrix, GoGlobal and ProPalms, has been deployed successfully to thousands of customers across the globe, there by making the remote computing and remote application delivery affordable to all.

End to End Computing Requisites
SpectraCloud's managed service portfolio includes monitoring service, server/data migration, software licenses and software
collocation. As for monitoring services, the company enables to accurately find the causes of server downtime by using event logs, crash reports, CPU, memory and disk utilization,and processes. This efficiently gives an indepth analysis of what caused the server to go down. At the same time, a business is able to pay close attention to the traffic to determine the current running capacity of the network.

Enables cloud & web hosting, virtualizors, email services, backup & sync, accounting platforms, solutions, and managed services.

SpectraCloud has transitioned hundreds of servers in a wide array of environments and is capable of handling the process from discovery to planning to testing. While the company is at it, turnkey, fully vetted no down time solutions are also catered should the need arise. Moreover, Spectra Cloud is arguably, a major hosting provider featuring a fully integrated, advanced and automated licensing platform for some of the industry's most popular server side software packages. From operating system to control panel, from virtualization platform to database software, SpectraCloud strive to leave no stone unturned. Since we had to mention, leaving no stone unturned also meant for SpectraCloud to enter the server collocation hype. SpectraCloud data center is located in low seismic and low flood risk zone in the National Capital Region of India. This secures the clients IT resources from common natural calamities. Besides, the Data Center facility is well secured to prevent any man made calamities like fire or terror attacks. Backed by N+1 redundancy, carrier neutrality and high security protocols, the server colocation facilities are well equipped to manage the server colocation hosting requirements of businesses of all sizes and scale.

Being an ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 27001 & ISO 20000 certified organization, Spectra is also the fore runner in the Computing Industry with the zeal to deliver the products and services to customers. Products that are easy to deploy, utilize and maintain.