Pi DATACENTERS: The Bet to Ride On Towards a Digital India

Kalyan Muppaneni, Founder& CEO

Rapidly changing demographics, economic/social reforms and the digitization wave have catapulted India on its way to be a power nation, in the global diaspora. While the 360° transformation has been noticed and acknowledged at a global stage, the digital front has caught most eye balls owning to its magnanimous growth.

A recent study by Morgan Stanley highlights the fact that digitization of India’s economy, has the potential to amplify India's stature, towards making it one of the world's fastest-growing economies.

The nation, today is pumping binary blood, owing to government’s initiatives like Digital India and Smart Cities traversing the path.What adds to it further is the Internet penetration to last mile, smart devices’ taking over and the comfort that ‘the digital’ promises.

In today’s information driven economy, and data abundance, data takes the center stage for individuals and enterprises. It is the IP to be treasured the most.

For any enterprise to be able to make the best out of data available, the value needs to be extracted from it. The analysed data and the output is what adds to delivering ease and excellence to the last mile and this needs a robust IT infrastructure base. With technologies like IoT, Big Data, Analytics coming into play, the significance carried by the infrastructure layer, is at its peak now, like never before. The quality and the standard maintained at the infrastructure layer, decides the performance and efficiency of every online/digital service today.

In the current scenario, data centers can no more remain the brick and mortar establishments but need to be smarter with higher in built intelligent quotient. They have to come out of the mould of being the vendor, providing real estate space and IT infrastructure. Rather get into the role of a catalyst who partners the enterprises in driving digital transformation with its all-encompassing and dynamic, secured IT Infrastructure solutions. The target audience for data centers today, are much beyond their first level customers hosted with them. Their services touch the daily course of their customer’s customer base, “ The Last Mile”. Hence the responsibility is higher by that many folds and the nature is mission critical

Addressing the specific IT infrastructural needs of today’s digital world, Pi DATACENTERS(Pi)has taken the lead in scripting the story of innovation through guided disruption, in Indian data center and cloud space.

Pi not only holds the credentials of being Asia’s Largest Uptime Institute TIER IV Certified Data Center, more so,it represents the much-needed inception of mega and smart data centers in India, at par to the best in the world.

Head quartered at Amaravati, the new capital of Andhra Pradesh, Pi is a green field data center and enterprise cloud organization. With their Strategic Software-Defined Data Centers(SDDC)for customers, Pi is focussed on delivering futuristic datacenter and cloud solutions riding on disruptive approach to technology, infrastructure, and security.

The product portfolio @Pi is designed to cater to all major industry verticals across domestic and global markets, through its set of tailored solutions riding on the TIER IV infrastructure and enterprise class cloud platform, Harbour1.

The Enterprise Cloud Platform @Pi-Harbour1
Cloud technology is no more an option for enterprises, but a strategic choice, to ensure their edge in the market.

Pi’s enterprise cloud platform, Harbour1 mirrors, innovation, thought re-engineering, backed by relentless industry research and technology assimilations. It incubates, flexibility, scalability, high redundancy and being platform agnostic, into all our products and services.

Harbour1, powered by SUSE’s OpenStack and the first Indian cloud platform, being delivered out of an end to Software Defined Data Center(SDDC) environment, is fully automated with self-provision able resources, for customers. This promises minimal time to market.

Pi’s cloud fabric is incredibly easy to implement and sustain, enabling clients a quicker go to market with a competitive edge. The cloud fabric is a decoupled asynchronous architecture at the same time is self-aware between IaaS, PaaS and SaaS stacks. Clients who build their applications and integrate into its API fabric would have a flexibility to leverage the self-aware features of Harbour1.

The state-of the-art automation across infrastructure and platform, rocket the speed of provisioning and accuracy of deployments. This has enabled Pi, in provisioning complex environments with high availability and multitiered security, with ease.

Harbour1 can provision independent and isolated clouds, enabling multiple clients to have their own distinct cloud environments but all within the same data center fabric. This means that businesses can choose to have the security benefits of running in their own separate physical landscape but still within Pi’s flexible, low TCO cloud This is nothing but enterprises enjoying best of both the worlds.

Business Continuity Planning(BCP) &Disaster Recovery as a Service(DRaaS)@Pi
Enterprises today, need no mandate, to be prepared for a disaster. Surveys say, that most of the organizations today, are realizing the importance of having a BCP and a DR strategy, to sail through the uneventful disasters and ensure, the businesses are not impacted by the same.

While the enterprises are taking the path of BCP themselves, governing bodies across major verticals, that impact public directly, are also adding pace, by directing them to have active DR strategies.

Partnering with a world class service provider, for the same, helps them plan right and implement to perfection.

Pi offers a robust DRaaS to its customers, riding on Harbour1. The expert teams @Pi, partner with their customers, in understanding their environments and designing the most appropriate Business Continuity Plan and the DR strategy, in line with their business needs and RTO/RPO. The cycle includes a hands-on implementation of the DR, in case of a disaster. Below are some of the highlights about DRaaS @Pi
• Platform independent DR solutions
• Customized and templated DR
• High end replication technologies
• Flexible bandwidth
• ISP of Choice
• Online backup and restoration of databases like Oracle, DB2, MS SQL and Microsoft Exchange and more…
• DR with RTO and RPO for a primary site to near DR, in synchronization with far DR
• Support for heterogeneous environments
• Automated replication and policy based protection
• Offsite vaulting with identification of potential threats and risk assessment
• Sustained health monitoring with site recovery
• Round the clock monitoring and technical assistance
• Cloud migration support for:
• Physical to virtual migration
• Virtual to virtual migration

The DR customers @Pi, also are given an exclusive portal, for self-triggering of the DR environment. This was conceptualized and implemented, to empower the customer, and free them from dependencies, in the scenario of an unplanned event.

Pi has not only brought innovation, in the regularly offered services, but also created a niche, by bringing in first of its kind services, into the market

Geographically separated DC fail over and fail back in strategic locations @Pi, ensures that enterprises experience near zero dow time during disasters of any magnitude. Taking advantage of its massively scalable infrastructure, Harbour1 facilitates rapid scale up of databases, while providing platform independent DR options, to enterprises.

While DR connectivity @Pi, is set up through secure network protocols and VPNs, it is ensured that all data is encrypted inflight and at rest for uncompromised security Planning and execution of Disaster Recovery (DR).

With active identification of potential threats and associated risks, beforehand, Pi ensures highly accurate architecting, planning and implementing disaster recovery strategies for their customers.

The Security Talk
“There Is More To Securing The Data Treasure Than What Just Meets The Eyes!” highlights Mr Muppaneni, Founder & CEO, Pi DATACENTERS.

With the world going digital way, the threats that are lurking in the dark for the data treasure are proportionately growing. In this scenario, the responsibility of any service provider, who gets to house, transit, transform or analyse the data, is not only in ticking the checklist off. It is also in bringing in innovation in the security frameworks, discipline in teams and rigour in procedures.

Addressing this, Pi ensures an undisputed control, privacy and safety of the hosted data, with industry standard compliance and robust security mechanism both at the perimeter and infrastructure levels. Pi lets their customers deliver services to end users, with a committed uncompromised security.

Also, with the recent global buzz on data localization and sovereignty, Pi advocates to its customer partners, to take an informed and wise call on where they host their data.

The First Time Ever!
In an industry, perceived and known for its boxed approach in, solution possibilities, Pi has not only brought innovation, in the regularly offered services, but also created a niche, by bringing in first of its kind services, into the market.

NOC as Service is one such patented services from Pi. With the resilient infrastructure base, Pi, offers dedicated monitoring environments(NOCs) to enterprises, with stringent security and expert support. With the plug and play set up, customers can leverage quicker go live, cost optimisation and ease of operations.

The data center is infused with modularity, enabling Pi to deliver innovative and novel services to their customers viz. the private modular data suites, enabling quickest possible time to market the data suites can be offered at various sizes like 13, 36, 60, 120 and 240 racks, depending on the customer requirement. These suites give a fully role-based authorization for security reasons, giving the experience of a data center within a data center, for Pi’s customers.

Total Cost Of Ownership
Pi cognizes the fact that enterprises take the decisions basis the quality of services and the cost of ownership. This has been a key driving factor, in choosing the data center locations for Pi. The choice of TIER II cities, reduces the cost of resources at Pi's end, reducing the burden on their end customer. Pi is poised to create the rare balance between cost of ownership and the quality of services, which is generally inclined towards the cost for customer.

Innovation Perpetual
The journey of making a difference, bringing in a change and delivering better is never ending. With innovation playing a key role in the story, Pi claims to spend significant resources on its R & D, leaving no space for being left behind. The trailblazing R & D center @Pi, ‘Pi Labs’, aims to works towards bringing out the technology for tomorrow and day after.

With a leadership team of 250+ years of combined industry experience, the quality and disruption in solution stack packaging, positioning and delivery are competing close with global leaders, in data center and cloud space.

The Way Forward
Pi is working towards integrating the today’s technology wonders like AI, Blockchain, IoT, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning into their cloud platform.

“Pi is today the one stop shop for all enterprises across scales and sectors, for any of their data center and cloud needs. We are excited with the growth curves, that we are observing. The industry has recognized us as a quality service provider. Being listed in Gartner’s Market Guide as the Top Data Center Service Provider, is an instance of this. We are here to take the data center and cloud journey of India, to new levels.The team is buckled up to take ride.” Says Kalyan Muppaneni, Founder & CEO, Pi DATACENTERS

In line with its current data center presence at Amaravati(AP) and Kochi, Pi is well poised with it’s strategic expansion plan across India and overseas. Maintaining its commitment towards delivering top notch data centers to the industry with exemplary standards, it is being given to understand that all the future data centers of Pi would be Uptime Institute TIER IV Certified. This would give enterprises wider choice with no compromise on quality of service.

With a clear vision and a mission in hand, Pi is defying the legacy practice for data centers, being just the static point of sale for space and racks. It has taken the leap, of infusing intelligence and the element of solutioning the whole gamut of data center. This in turn will help enterprises hosted at Pi deliver value to its last mile customers.