IT Simple: Simple Cost Effective for Most Complex of Problems in Backup and File Archival

Kamal Gulati, Managing Director
The rules for GDPR are as applicable to a DR system as to a production system. Therefore, ensuring the systems are compliant is critical even from business advantage. Even as the Indian economy undergoes digital transformation, it is critical that a business opts for an organization that has expertise and focus in the domain. Data protection, Backup and Data availability is fast becoming organization’s survival strategy. It is already critical for every individual as ‘Data Privacy and Protection Right’ are similar to ‘Human Right’ with respect to Aadhar card info and CCTV footage all around. Besides, whether one manages the business’s DR inhouse or uses an external DR provider, there’s a high probability that the business will require to do things differently. Here is Noida headquartered ITS Technology Solution Private Limited(itSimple), a value based IT backup & Bharat focused organization. itSimple has been offering products, services and knowledge in backup (Laptop/Desktop, and Servers) along with file Archival for media. itSimple was established for customers and partners of Atempo Backup and Archival solutions in India after Atempo’s acquisition by ASG in 2012. Currently, itSimple supports few Hundred enterprise and SMB customers through its network of Channel Partners and has also introduced selective path breaking solutions to the Indian market in backup and archival space. itSimple could handle almost all backup , copy and file Archival requirements.

Every product itSimple offers has the expertise put in by 100+ man years of experience and a strong technical team. itSimple provides the Option of Guarantee of Restoration, POC ownership, Implementation Assurance Service, and local L1/L2 support. The company works towards identifying the unique sweet spots where customers are digging in for issues, it could be a hybrid environment, SAP HANA, Unix, Linux, MySQL, PostgreSQL online backup or multiple locations with centralized controls. itSimple’s approach has been to be pay attention to organizations seeking complex solutions at optimum price. “So we are not looking at small servers or workstations, but complex requirements”, adds Kamal Gulati, Managing Director,
itSimple. Evidently, itSimple has multiple hundred customers with multiple site implementations(15-70) across the country or extending across the continent. As the rate of change in information technology accelerates, business continuity management continues to evolve rapidly within enterprises to meet increased market and regulatory demands. From disaster recovery to end user search and restore, from bare metal recovery to long term retention, itSimple’s solutions cater to clients’ servers, applications and workflows for every minute requisite.

itSimple’s approach has been to be pay attention to organizations seeking complex solutions at optimum price

Petascale Storage, Billions of Files, Reliable Integrated Backup / Archival is the Key

Come what may, with the exponential growth of data, the datacentre will continue to accommodate Large NAS storages of different kinds for different HPC, M&E and AI etc functions in the future. This will in turn, leave multiple management points for the IT team to pay attention to. Also, this void needs to be plugged to achieve the next level of storage economics by streamlining backup and archive data management from LTO, low cost storage to cloud infrastructure. itSimple’s provision of Atempo-Digital Archive(ADA), is an open archive software solution with automatic, end user, and workflow-triggered archiving. ADA provides Partial restore , integration with almost all storages(cloud, Object , Disk ODA & Tape of AWS, Dell, DDN, Hitachi, HP, Isilon, IBM Spectrum storage, Netapps, spectralogic, stor next and Qumulo), file systems(GPFS/Luster) A tempo Digital Archive migrates or copies content from primary storage to near line and deep archives, whether tape, disk or cloud storage.

In the future, Kamal expresses, the company intends to become a company that provides such backup and archival solutions on a subscription model. Having T series, one of the most successful and dominant music companies in India amongst their client portfolio, itSimple has been constantly levelling up to deliver stringent business continuity solutions at optimum pricing.