Gorisco: The Sustainable Solution for Business Resiliency Intelligence

Deepak Singh, President& CEO
Jessica Ferguson, Director of Information Security Architecture at Alaska Airlines once said “If a threat actor targets a vertical like maritime, as an aviation company I may care but may not pay attention, but if there is a history and a pattern for this group to target all aviation we will put extra emphasis on it”. When it comes to act upon threat intelligence, the swift nature of digital transformation of business world is its bane and a boon. Bangalore based company; Gorisco builds resilience for comprehensive business growth for today’s rapidly changing digital landscape. The nature of business transformation under the purview of risk intelligence, security, governance and compliance needs a potential data sharing, data analysis and adapt to several datacentric operations. Hence forth, the necessity to have a solid and proven infrastructure for business continuity becomes the next logical step. Gorisco’s solutions focus on all critical services Consulting, Assessment, Implementation and Managed Services. Building stronger resilience, governance and compliance structure, the company ensures Business Continuity with Information Security Management, Software Licensing, Enterprise Asset management and IT Disaster Recovery.

A 360 degree Assessment
Gorisco, recently, ensured implementation of ISO 22301 in a Government organization from Aviation sector in GCC region. It was challenging and time critical since the whole implementation had to be completed within two months followed by successful certification of the organization by an external agency. This standard for Business Continuity Management Systems roped in critical aspects of critical business departments, locations, people, processes, services, organizational risks and IT Disaster Recovery for a 360 degree assessment.
Business continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans can reap full potential only when they are executed in tandem. Execution deficiencies do not enable the organizations to reap the total potential and ROI of any initiative. Making execution the core strength of Gorisco, the company seamlessly connects and reengineers all vertices of the Organizational Transformation.

Making execution the core strength of Gorisco, the company seamlessly connects and reengineers all vertices of the Organizational Transformation

Gorisco’s 'AlertEm' is a solution for mass notifications that helps organizations insure their most critical assets – the people. It is a great enabler to an organization’s Emergency Response strategy where AlertEm can provide one-way and two way alerts on Telecom based (SMS and Voice Calls) as well as IP based technologies (Emails and Mobile app on Android and IOS platforms).

A matured Business Continuity architecture is complemented by a robust Enterprise Asset Management. Being the most critical ones which can impact continuity of business, Hardware and Software Asset Management help organizations manage and track the lifecycle of valuable tangible and non-tangible assets in compliance with various regulatory and statutory requirements.

Future Compliance Technologies
“Gorisco’s next horizon will offer innovative solutions for risks and compliance related to future technologies powered by Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and Big Data”, says Deepak Singh, President & CEO, Gorisco. The company has established itself as the harbinger of governance, controls, security, compliance and recovery initiatives for enterprises across the globe where compliance and security are speculated to be the biggest challenges and threats of future world.