Appnomic Systems - Building Resilient Disaster Recovery Automation

CIO Vendor Planning and preparing for various types of unforeseen disasters is crucial for all organisations to overcome the heavy toll it takes on their functioning. The world of DR/BCP is moving towards seamless automation. CIO’s are looking at changes in environments that affect the application availability, to be highlighted and fixed within stipulated time to avoid any unprecedented downtimes. CIO’s are moving towards more intelligent systems or tools that minimize people dependent environment. Companies are investing on systems which are highly available and capable of identifying single point of failures to help business plan and recover quickly in case of an outage. The mantra is flexibility in intelligent automation and complete application environment dependency checks.

Appnomic Systems, an innovative analytics software and services company, provides a unique solution for the automation of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning processes with a comprehensive approach to implement and maintain. With innovative technology, backed by awarded IP and proven IT performance management expertise and experience, Appnomic provides first-rate preventive performance management service. Appnomic’s DRAM solution provides flexibility in IT BCP SOP creation which in-turn automatically creates the recovery SOP. It understands application level dependencies and verifies any environmental changes which affect the application recovery. Other than pure play automation and monitoring of Recovery SLAs it also provides a flexible process flow editor with re-usable widgets to make life simpler for the operations team.

Appnomic’s solutions include AppsOne®, an IT operations analytics (ITOA) software, OpsOne®, a datacentre automation software, and a technology-enabled remote infrastructure managed services called RIMS Plus. AppsOne® and OpsOne® solution minimizes IT operations cost, reduce errors, improve productivity and ensure compliance.
AppsOne®’s analytics core comprises of unique game-changing capabilities: Application Behaviour Learning (ABL); Application Usage Patterns (AUP); and Automated Threshold Discovery (ATD). It enables enterprise IT Operations and online companies to prevent IT application performance issues like slowness and outages as well as to gear up and gear down application performance based on end user experience and business goals.

Appnomic Systems provides a unique solution for the automation of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning processes with a comprehensive approach to implement and maintain

Appnomic System’s OpsOne® is a pioneering IT Process Automation (ITPA) platform that enables practical, sustainable, and cost effective automation of IT processes. The result is improved productivity and higher quality across enterprise IT, cloud and hybrid operations... OpsOne® can be used to automate both simple and complex processes within specific domains or across domains. Appnomic’s technology-enabled Remote Infrastructure Managed Services (RIMS Plus) offers clients a cost effective, high quality off-site option for IT operations. The varied RIMS Plus services include: DR drill monitoring and execution, regular backups and restores, IT BSM L1 & L2 management, self-care portals support, and database maintenances.

Appnomic has been successful in delivering value added services to clients from optimizing their operational costs, eliminating human errors to ensure a seamless experience for the end consumers of their applications. Appnomic Systems is serving customers in various verticals addressing their pain points in coherently managing and automating their IT infrastructure where dependencies on application availability are high. Appnomic Systems is uniquely placed today in understanding the key pain points, the current business applications face and are constantly innovating products to enable customers manage their IT landscape effortlessly and proactively.