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CIOReview Team | Monday, 06 February 2017, 09:48 IST

greggIn conversation with CIOReview, Gregg Petersen, Regional Director, MEA and SAARC, Veeam Software, shares his views on the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning market in India and tells us about Veeam Software’s role in it. 

MarketsAndMarkets forecasts the Disaster Recovery as a Service Market to grow to an estimated 11.11 Billion USD by 2021, growing at a CAGR of 45.9 percent. What growth do you see in the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning market in India?

In the digital economy, consumer experience drives the way businesses operate today. This leaves Indian organizations with no scope for an IT outage, unavailability of data or web downtime. Additionally,organizations also need to be prepared for natural disasters or unplanned disruptions. In this respect we don’t see India to be any different from the rest of the world. In fact, we expect India to maintain, if not exceed the global growth rate of disaster recovery and business continuity planning. India is avery exciting market for Veeam software and that is the reason we continue to invest in resources and the channel in this market. 

Research reveals that lack of budget and commitment from top management is a recurring challenge in this market. What are the other challenges that vendors face in this domain? What is Veeam’s strategy to mitigate those challenges?

Budget is always a challenge in every market and India is no different. Veeam is addressing this by delivering products for the cloud environment to drive agility for reduced costs and capex. 

This is the reason why Veeam has developed a cloud first strategy and our product development is centered on it. Veeam is the global leader in providing Availability solutions and we are looking to significantly grow our market share through disaster recovery and backup services to help clients achieve their business goals at reduced cost. Customers are happy to see the significant benefits they receive specifically from the technology provided by Veeam software.

How is Veeam positioned in this market segment?

Veeam is all about Availability and we have developed and pioneered this market for the overall business. For example, if you look at our new Availability console, we are the only vendors that offer cloud-enabled platform for service providers and distributed enterprise environments. Veeam Cloud Connect provides management console that offers enterprises a way to more easily manage remote offices and other distributed locations. We are the largest Availability providers and are also looking at expanding the customer base, specifically in Indian markets. 

Please tell us about your flagship product Veeam Availability Platform for the Hybrid Cloud? How are businesses benefitted from the implementation of this solution?

Veeam Availability Platform for the Hybrid Cloud provides businesses and enterprises with the capabilities to ensure Availability for virtual, physical, and cloud-based workloads. To deliver the Always-On enterprise, businesses are embarking on a continuous digital transformation to drive disruptive changes for meeting customer and market demands. With cloud first strategy increasingly becoming a necessity, Veeam Availability Platform for the hybrid cloud ensures businesses are best poised to deliver 24.7.365 access to data and applications. Businesses can truly gain access to availability tools to deliver a constant experience across multiple environments.

How does Veeam Backup & Replication enable businesses to set low recovery time objectives?

Veeam Backup & Replication delivers lightning-fast, reliable restore for individual files, entire VMs and applications to provide organization the confidence to derive RTPO (recovery time and point objectives) of less than 15 minutes. Veeam’s backup and replication is built together in a single solution to reinvent data protection and deliver the VM backup for virtual environments. Additionally, Veeam's replication technology is built into the backup product. With this capability, enterprises do not need to buy an additional solution for Availability. Veeam protects the data and back up in datacenter, on-premise or in cloud environment thereby enabling businesses with low recovery time objectives. 

Please elaborate on the advantages of DRaaS delivery model that enables clients to truly leverage the benefits of hybrid cloud architecture. 

Most customers already have an infrastructure built; it is this existing base that Veeam protects. However disaster recovery is something that everybody is looking at, in terms of risks mitigation. So customers have two choices; either they have disaster recovery solution or they look at Disaster Recovery as a service. Hence a hybrid cloud architecture is perfect for a customer who already has an existing infrastructure yet are looking for ‘across the usual’ way to deploy Disaster Recovery. And this is how we help customers leverage their existing infrastructure and provide benefits of hybrid cloud architecture.

How does Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows provide backup and recovery for physical and cloud-based servers and workstations as well as endpoint devices that belong to remote users?

A lot of Veeam’s customers already have an infrastructure in a cloud model. Majority of these customers would like to keep a backup. They would also like to further back it up to another data store in the cloud infrastructure that they are using. So Veeam Windows Agents allow the customers to do this. The customers can also adopt the best practices from the cloud infrastructure onto their own or onto one of their remote location. Using Veeam Windows Agents, customers have multiple choices of where they’d like to backup from their existing cloud infrastructure. 

Please tell us about the role of your upcoming product Veeam Availability Orchestrator in executing and testing DR plans in place. 

Presently majority of enterprises have Disaster Recovery plans in place, however testing, executing and documenting this can be a huge challenge. Veeam Availability Orchestrator helps customers mitigate the risk by actually testing their solution. Customers can test to see if in case of a disaster event, are they equipped enough to recover well in time. These enable customers to maintain reliability, avoid expensive manual process and meet compliance requirements. 

How does Veeam ONE enable the Always-On Enterprise to gain complete visibility of the IT environment and detect issues before they have operational impact?

To enable complete visibility into customer’s backup and virtual environment, Veeam ONE offers the most powerful monitoring, reporting and capacity-planning tool. Veeam ONE enables Availability for the Always-On Enterprise by providing complete visibility of the IT environment to proactively detect bottlenecks through a central monitoring solution and track resource availability.

How can the SMB segment leverage the product Veeam Backup Essential which promises to be a powerful, easy-to-use and affordable backup and Availability solution for small businesses?

Veeam Availability essential is an extremely powerful tool to use. SMB segments and customers or non-high priority users, who cannot afford to use complicated and expensive solution to protect their data, can derive maximum benefit from this product. This is where Veeam Backup Essential is such great product because it is available at an affordable cost points backed with powerful technology. It is also simple to use giving the customer peace of mind, as in case of a disaster they will be able to recover data at a more than acceptable level. 

What differentiates Veeam from other players in the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning segment?

Legacy based solutions offered by competition are ill-equipped and provide backup tools in hours, days and weeks, which do not suit modern organizations witnessing digital transformation. According to Veeam Availability report, 84 percent CIOs globally admitted to an availability gap with the business demand due to legacy tools. To address this challenge, Veeam has continuously focused on innovation and has positioned itself as an Availability company to help businesses run in an ‘Always-On’ mode. Whether back up, replication, business continuity planning, monitoring or capacity planning, Veeam enables software driven modern enterprises to deliver Availability in virtual and physical environments. 

Please tell us about the best practices around the services provided by you to enable clients optimize on your product.

Veeam has most powerful technology when it comes to keeping business up and running. Most customers appreciate the ease with which Veeam products can be deployed and give the end users very quick ROI as well as very less down time. We are a channel driven business, and our partners are well equipped and able to help end users optimize their current technology. Specifically when talking about optimization, Veeam uses knowledge and performance in its real time tools. We help businesses to optimize their entire system therefore keeping their businesses Always-On. Capacity planning being so important, we use these tools to provide capacity planning to our end users, thus helping them optimize their ROI, reduce budgets and facilitate cost cuttings.

What is the future roadmap of the company? How do you see Veeam 5 years down the line?

Veeam is all about the Availability for Always-On business. We aim to keep customers and business up and running always and we will continue to be this to our present and potential customers. Of course Veeam will continue to lead the way in terms of where we would be 5 years down the line. We also expect to lead the Indian market in terms of providing Availability solutions for business for many years to come.

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